Who We Are

Softwood Plantation Exporters (SPE) is an Australian owned Company, located in Victoria, formed to process and ship softwood woodchip for export sale. SPE is a partnership between Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP), and Associated Kiln Driers (AKD Softwoods). HVP manages 250,000 ha of softwood and hardwood plantations in Victoria with an annual harvest volume of above 3,000,000 cubic metres while AKD’s sawmills and plants process over 550,000 cubic metres of softwood sawlog and treated timber.






Est. 1996


SPE was formed during 1996 to find additional markets for sawmill chip and forest thinning. A major feature is that the supply of softwood chip is from the owners' plantations and sawmills. Supply is guaranteed on a long-term basis from directly owned logs and chip, with additional supply potential available from other sources.



Pinus Radiata woodchips are also suitable feedstock for the new and emerging Bioenergy sector. Softwood woodchips can be used as feedstock for Bioenergy, Biofuels, Biochar or similar projects. SPE is Australian owned and is able to supply customers’ softwood chip requirements across Asia.

SPE is serious about the environment and sources raw materials from sustainably managed forests. SPE is able to provide materials with certification to customers if required.