SoftWood chips

Chip exported through SPE is predominantly Pinus Radiata with current volume consisting of 70% from sawmill chip and 30% chip produced from forest thinning. The uniformly high quality Radiata chip makes the product an ideal feedstock for a variety of uses. Traditional end use is bleached kraft pulp and thermal mechanical pulp.




The Chipmill comprises of a 125 ft. radial crane & drum debarker with associated screening, rechipping and conveying systems. Maximum chip mill capacity is 450,000 - 500,000 green metric tonnes (GMT) pa. Chip produced is high quality. Shipments are guaranteed to meet customers’ exacting chip specifications.

High Pulp Content

Low bark content assists in achieving high pulp yield with little waste or pulp discolouration. The low bark content reduces the ash output when used as feedstock for Bioenergy.

Pinus Radiata chip used in bleached and un-bleached Kraft pulp lines provides high burst and tear strength. High pulp brightness is also a characteristic. Overall, the high proportion of sawmill chip combined with average chip age provides for good pulp characteristics and yield.