Oversize: > 28.5 mm; 5%

Between A: 9.5 mm & 28.5 mm; > 85%

Between B: 3.2 mm & 9.5 mm; > 9%

Fines: < 3.2 mm; < 2%

Bark/Rot: < 1%




This above chip specification can be adjusted to suit customer specification. Chip is delivered on a green basis and shipped as Green Metric Tonne (GMT) One green metric tonne (GMT) of wood is 1000kg Chip is sold on a “Bone Dry Metric Tonne” (BDMT) basis, which is defined as follows:

Average Dry fibre content of Pinus Radiata is 46%

1 Green Metric Tonne = 0.460 BDMT


Seasonal Cycle

Dry Fibre range variation each year between 44.5% and 48.5% dependent on seasonal conditions and fibre source.


Cost Comparison

Chip Supply Vs RoundLog

There are a number of advantages of chip supply to end users of the fibre. Delivery of direct chip shipments without the need for further processing from logs is a considerable cost saving. With appropriate chip handling and transport, delivered costs of chip are more competitive than log;

  • Chips are cheaper to transport than logs as they are easier to load and unload.
  • There is no conversion loss of log to chip.
  • Chip quality and specifications can be more readily controlled for buyer’s requirements. This assists in even quality paper production.
  • Chips are sold on a bone dry metric tonne (BDMT) basis. Water content of the chip has no impact on price. The end user is paying for usable dry fibre.